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Updated: Feb 19

Chvnc City woke up one morning with a spirit of giving. She understood that the Holidays were coming up and some people weren't as fortunate to have a home cooked meal.

She contacted her mother to see if she would be willing to cook a meal and the answer was YES! Chvnc quickly purchased the necessities from her nearest store and the food was prepared and ready to be devoured.

The community was so excited to see that someone had cared and Chvnc was very excited to know that they liked it. They said they loved the food and that inspired Chvnc City to do this monthy. If you would like to serve in the community with the Chvnc City Team contact or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Special thanks to View95Media for not only recording the full process, but helping prepare the food as well. #GreatThingsAreHere

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