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The Hideout Cafe in Miami Experience

Updated: Mar 10

As soon as Chvnc City landed in Miami Fl, it was imperative that the #ChvncCityTeam not only got amazing content at the Hideout Miami for her new music video Freewrite 3 but also enjoy some of their delicious foods and phenomenal smoothies.

The #ChvncCityTeam was immersed in creativity, love, inspiration, and outstanding customer service as soon as they entered! The amazing Abstract Expressionist Shateek Brown greeted Chvnc City and told her to "create without limits" and then proceeded to make one of the best smoothies that Chvnc City had ever tasted in her life. The cup was overflowing as the Hideout Cafe utilizes all fresh ingredients - options for plant-based vegans and non-vegans alike.

Chvnc's favorite smoothie is called ERIK’S ADDICTION*. For only $8.00, it comes with Almond butter, banana, cacao, coconut meat, and oat milk. "The taste is so refreshing. This is the one of the best smoothies that I have ever tasted!"

Not only does Chvnc City love the Hideout Cafe for their phenomenal customer service and amazing food but also because of their mission to create a more active and responsible public, inspire long life learning, strengthen the communities and live as eco-friendly as possible. 

They act on this mission by (1) creating inclusive events around the city that inspire people to become more active & give back to those less fortunate, (2) partnering with brands that live & breathe the same aspirations, and (3) adopting a “community-first” attitude with their products & services development. They are impacting the culture everyday just like Chvnc City and that is why she will forever be a loyal customer!

Freewrite 3 was sporadically shot on an iphone by the amazing Dallas based media company @View95Media.

Special thanks to Amberrurka who featured in the music video! She is phenomenal and a dope Artist who was dining in and vibing at the Hideout.

Follow the Hideout Miami on instagram at @Hideout.Miami

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