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A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Chvnc City is a professional Recording Artist, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and overall Content Creator that utilizes her talents, gifts, and resources to Cause Happiness Via Natural Creativity.

Her music recalls her biggest influences, stars like Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu; beats populated with rich and colorful textures hailing from art-pop as well as trap music. Chvnc has stated that she wants every song to feel “like a trip,” a pursuit realized with the help of her producer, Sup3r8, whose samples provide a consistent dissociative flavor.


Chvnc uses her platform to not only showcase her musical talents but she also impact the culture  by encouraging the youth to be the best version of themselves through performing and motivational speaking during Youth Events.

Chvnc also founder Great Things Are Here Studios in downtown Dallas Tx, which is an all around media company specializing in music recording, podcast recording, and other services for Artists and Creatives.

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